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Episode 18 kelsey boyer

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What is the role of a coach in your life? And how can a coach help you succeed? Today’s guest has some answers. Kelsey Boyer has spent the majority of her career in the technical recruitment space with her most recent role being a Partner at an AI Recruitment Start-up in Toronto. She obtained her life & executive coaching certification in 2016 and had been coaching on the side but earlier this year; Kelsey took a big leap and started her own leadership coaching business.

Listen in to hear how Kelsey overcame a difficult background to become a successful entrepreneur. In today’s interview, Kelsey discusses how to transition out of a job successfully, why manifestation works, how to convince people that they can manifest the results that they want in life, and why Kelsey thinks it’s so important to be a coach for women.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Kelsey’s background
  • When Kelsey began to be motivated by her struggles
  • Mentors that helped steer Kelsey in the right direction
  • The role that Kelsey’s relationship with her brother played in her life
  • Kelsey’s involvement in sports
  • Kelsey’s university experience and early career
  • Kelsey’s experience with leaving jobs
  • How long it took Kelsey to decide to leave her position as a Partner
  • How to convince someone that manifesting something is actually real
  • What the role of a coach looks like
  • Why Kelsey focuses on coaching women
  • Common challenges that Kelsey sees with her clients
  • Trends among people who succeed in their careers
  • Whether Kelsey believes we are more nature or nurture driven
  • How to get people to become more self-aware
  • Why your why or your legacy is so important
  • How young is too young to have a coach
  • How to find a coach that’s right for you

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Quotes From the Show

“I think I’ve just always been that kind of person who wants to do better and continue to move towards my best self.”

“As soon as I declare anything out loud it’s like yeah, I gotta do it now.”

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