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Episode 17 heather payne

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What is the future of coding, and why is this skillset so important to the younger generations and those that will follow them? Today’s guest has some strong feelings about why it’s so important for all different types of people to learn these skills and have access to jobs in the tech industry.

Heather Payne is the CEO of Juno College. Listen in to learn about what Juno College does, why Heather believes it’s so important, and what led her to become an entrepreneur and found a college.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • What Juno College does
  • What Heather’s early life looked like
  • Heather’s time in China
  • Heather’s experience working for McDonald’s
  • What Heather tells other women who are looking for leadership roles
  • Where Heather’s self-awareness comes from
  • Why Heather thinks other women, in particular, may feel jealous or resentful
  • How Heather feels about supporting children without glossing over failures
  • What Heather gains from exercise
  • Where Heather sees the trajectory of coding careers
  • What parents should be doing with their children early on
  • Good decisions that Heather has made in her life
  • What Heather got from an executive coach and a therapist that she couldn’t have gotten from mentorship generally
  • Heather’s views on nature vs. nurture
  • What Heather expects Juno to look like in five years
  • Where listeners can find Heather

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Quotes From the Show

“We’ve got deep McDonald’s roots in our family.”

“What I think has been great, especially in recent years, is that there’s a real movement that I have seen and it’s been visible, of women supporting women.”

“As soon as we have people at the table who represent different types of folks, different walks of life, different backgrounds, everything about our product has become better.”

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