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Episode 16 bryan gelman

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Do you ask for things when you want them? Many people find it difficult to reach out and ask for something, but the people who can do it often find that they get what they asked for, and this contributes to their success.

Today’s guest is Bryan Gelman, one of the founders of Albert Gelman Incorporated. He’s built a business in the insolvency world, and he’s also the first guest on this podcast who reached out and asked to be on the podcast. Listen to the episode to hear what Bryan has to say about how he ended up working in insolvency, why he’s passionate about his work, and why people have such a hard time with the ask.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Bryan’s background
  • Why the store that Bryan’s parents opened was so pivotal in his childhood
  • Why Bryan’s parents didn’t want him to go into business with them
  • Bryan’s interest in starting his own business
  • What attracted Bryan to the insolvency world
  • The correlation between authenticity and memorability
  • Bryan’s passion for both the process of building his business and the work he does
  • What Bryan thinks about nature vs. nurture
  • What Bryan thinks his parents did right
  • The early years of building Bryan’s business
  • Why people have a hard time with the ask
  • Building your team
  • How to think about hiring
  • What Bryan thinks the market will look like over the next year or so

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Bryan Gelman

Quotes From the Show

“I think it’s gotta be a combination, because you’re born with your parents’ DNA, and then they need to teach you things.”

“When you’re in a family with a small business, and you lose that business, it’s the dinnertime conversation.”

“If you’re an honest guy, and you do good work and good service, you can make a life for yourself.”

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