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Episode 13 randolph mank

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Randolph Mank has a fascinating background working in government as a diplomat. In addition to his expertise in government and global business, he joined the private sector in 2012 as the VP Asia for Blackberry. In 2014, Randolph founded MankGlobal Consulting. Listen to the episode to hear more about Randolph’s experiences as an ambassador, his entry into the private sector, and his thoughts on nature vs. nurture.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • Randolph’s background and how he ended up in Asia
  • How Randolph went to university without finishing high school
  • How being the youngest of seven factors into Randolph’s personality
  • What Randolph learned from his time in Ottawa
  • How Randolph got through frustrating times
  • What Randolph learned from his diplomatic role
  • What Randolph has learned about doing business around the world
  • The differences in doing business in different parts of the world
  • What ambassadorship really looks like
  • How to stay sane when dealing with catastrophe
  • Maintaining a relationship and family during many moves and in dangerous places
  • Randolph’s view of nature vs. nurture

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Quotes From the Show

“You have to be a scrapper. And to some extent, your background feeds into that.”

“The other part that I learned is just how much trouble Canadians can get into when traveling abroad.”

“It does become personal. But in terms of human resiliency, you see it in the faces of children.”

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