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News An unfiltered discussion on financing growth, selling a business and the future state of M&A

Ask FirePower Founder and CEO Ilan Jacobson a question, and you’ll get the unfiltered truth. That’s what he shares in this episode of the Life After Business podcast, touching on:

  • How FirePower grew into an ecosystem for Canadian entrepreneurs;
  • Why private debt needs to fill the financing gap left by traditional lenders;
  • The success paradox: why some companies that are proving out their business models are being punished for it (and why that doesn’t make sense);
  • Why he’s advising business owners to sell within the next two years…or hang on for fifteen;
  • Where private equity and M&A is headed.

If you’re looking for an entertaining discussion of all things private debt, M&A and private equity, look no further. Here’s the link.

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