We’ll help you grow when traditional lenders won't.

We’re a fresh and resourceful lender, putting our capital to work in promising businesses.

Promising Canadian companies often cannot access sufficient financing to truly transform their trajectory because:

  • Canadian banks do not move outside their well-defined credit boxes that rely largely on tangible assets. They find it challenging to underwrite future cash flows.
  • Equity (from venture capital or private equity firms) is hard to come by, and if it’s available, that equity can prove to be incredibly expensive when the company goes on to realize exponential growth.
  • There is growing availability of alternative debt providers willing to take more risk at a reasonable cost, but availability remains limited and many private lenders choose to focus on specific niches.

Therefore, raising transformative financing is challenging for many promising companies.

This gap is what our Gap Debt™ product aims to fill. It’s an offering that embraces the bold and independent mindset on which FirePower Capital was founded.

Gap Debt™ can eventually lead to step-change transformation, such as a significant liquidity event, a major up-round, or a string of successful acquisitions.  It can also set the stage for a refinancing on more favourable terms.

What is Gap Debt™?

Gap Debt™ is a term debt product for companies seeking between $1 million and $10 million.

These companies typically need additional financing to:

  • Grow aggressively;
  • Bridge themselves to the next equity round; or
  • Make an acquisition.

In more unusual situations, our capital can be used to refinance an existing lender or recapitalize to “take chips off the table”.

There’s a common thread across all of the companies we work with.  Their ownership and management teams have strong visibility into operating cash flows (even if negative) and their enterprise value.

These companies often question whether they should raise debt or equity. When equity is available to a company, Gap Debt™ can be a cost-effective substitute or complement to it, reducing the cost of dilution to existing shareholders, and allowing borrowers to retain more strategic control (at the board level).

When equity is not available, Gap Debt™ can help a company reach the point where it can conclude a raise. There, Gap Debt™ is cost-effective in that the opportunity cost of not raising money is often staggering.

Institutional equity backing is not a requirement for our involvement.

What we look for

  • Revenues
    $2m+ and annual growth above sector average, or monthly recurring revenue of $80k+
  • Visibility into cash flows
    Must have excellent visibility into cash flows (even if negative); if cash flow negative, must anticipate break-even within 18 months
  • Enterprise value
    Business value in an M&A context can be readily substantiated
  • Forecasting
    Must have deep insights into the future of the business
  • Management
    Operators must have “skin in the game”, share our values, be an impressive and cohesive team, and have financial acumen
  • Location
    Must have a headquarters in Canada
  • Sector
    Primarily tech, but not restricted to it
  • Use of Funds
    Generally, for growth (acquisitions, working capital, etc.) and dividend recapitalizations

Typical terms of Gap Debt™

  • Loan size
    $1 million to $10 million
  • Term
    12 to 36 months
  • Returns
    Interest rate>10%; Upside: warrants, equity kickers, bonuses, or royalties
  • Security ranking
    First position, or second position behind a line of credit
  • Disbursements
    Flexible: capital can be made available on closing, or in multiple tranches tied to growth milestones
  • Principal repayment
    Tailored to growth strategy, e.g. deferral of principal payments for up to length of term, large bullet payment at end of term, seasonality adjustments
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We needed to manage and prepare for the increased demand from our telecom partners and their customers, but needed to refresh our infrastructure to manage this growth, which is where FirePower’s Private Equity division came in. Since acquiring TIG in November 2019, FirePower has helped TIG gain deep actionable insights via improved reporting, automated and powered the scheduling of 100+ employees with data to improve service delivery and limit down time, and strategically guided TIG to expand our relationship with our telecom partners. We are now able to be laser focussed on the KPI’s that matter, and in the first year of our partnership we have been able to lean on, and utilize the full strength of FirePower to double our business.
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