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Private Capitalare you looking to scale your business with an experienced capital partner?

Do you need capital to accelerate growth and increase your strategic flexibility? Are you looking to buy a competitor, buy out existing shareholders or supplement working capital? We are here to help. Through our direct investment, we deploy capital within mid‑market firms to transform businesses and accelerate their growth.

why choose FirePower?

As fellow entrepreneurs, we take a collaborative investment approach, delivering creative, tailored debt and equity solutions for our clients. Our experienced team combines the proficiency and sophistication usually reserved for large companies, with agility and flexibility. Moreover, we underpin every outcome with our culture’s bold and independent mindset.

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we'll help you grow when traditional lenders won't

In Canada, companies with limited tangible assets have difficulty securing financing to fuel their growth. This situation is particularly dire for companies looking for $215M in funding. Equity can be hard to come by or is highly dilutive and generally, banks cannot move beyond their well-defined credit parameters. That’s why we created a private debt offering to serve the financing needs of these companies.

Access to private debt can lead to significant transformation, including a string of successful acquisitions or strong organic growth after selling a great product. This funding can set the stage for reducing the overall cost of capital and minimizing dilution while positioning your organization for a significant liquidity event or notable up-round in the future.

Few debt providers understand or are flexible enough to support and transform the growth trajectory of mid-market entrepreneurs. We are a resourceful lender, bridging the gap between traditional banks and expensive equity, putting non-dilutive capital to work in promising businesses.

What we look for

  • Revenues
    Annual revenues of $3M or greater, with growth above the sector average, or high-margin MRR of at least $150 thousand. Recurring, repeating, or long-term contract-based revenue models with low customer churn.
  • High visibility into cash flows
    Exceptional forecasting with deep insights into the future of the business and its cash flow. If cash flow is negative, there should be recurring or repeatable revenues to support working capital burn.
  • Sector
    Sector-agnostic, but excluding mining, life sciences, and oil & gas extractions.
  • Enterprise value
    Business value in an M&A context can be readily substantiated. An equity sponsor is not required.
  • Management
    Strong operators with ‘skin in the game’. Proven entrepreneurs with a strong understanding of their business.
  • Location
    Must have a headquarters in Canada.
  • Use of funds
    Generally for growth (acquisitions, working capital, etc.), dividend recapitalizations, or specialty finance situations.

Typical terms

  • Loan size
    $2M to $15M hold (will syndicate up to $50M).
  • Term
    12 to 48 months.
  • Returns
    Interest rate >10%; Upside: warrants, equity kickers, or bonuses.
  • Security ranking
    First position, or second position behind a line of credit/bank debt.
  • Disbursements
    Flexible: capital can be made available on closing, or in multiple tranches tied to growth milestones.
  • Principal repayment
    Tailored to growth strategy, e.g. deferral of principal payments for up to length of term, large bullet payment at end of term, seasonality adjustments.

recent private debt transactions

Capital — Private Debt

FirePower provided acquisition financing to Limelight Properties

SECTOR Real Estate & Construction
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Capital — Private Debt

FirePower's Private Debt division provided growth financing to Memory & Company

SECTOR Healthcare
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a 'hands-on' partner for long term growth

Are you looking to realize the untapped potential with the right expertise and capital? Are you looking at a partial or complete exit as part of your retirement or succession planning? Have you encountered insolvency, restructuring, or a refinancing situation? We’re here to help with a radically different approach to private equity. 

We are entrepreneurs first. Motivated by the journey of building businesses, we believe private equity is about investing in people, not only companies. As a result, trust and partnership are at the center of the relationship. Our willingness to roll up our sleeves’ sets us apart. We work with owners to accelerate their growth trajectory through every stage of business, leaving a lasting legacy.

Our approach

We examine whether we can add value to existing operations and take an active ownership role. Then, after analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your company, our goal is to formulate a strategy centered around the best outcome for you and your business. We are patient investors and intend to create long-term value for all shareholders. The by-product of our investment and operating strategy is great returns, staying true to the core culture you've built, and continuing the legacy and existing success that's brought you to this point.

What we look for

  • Revenues
  • Profitability
    EBITDA between $2M and $10M.
  • Sectors of Interest
    B2B sectors with low CAPEX requirements (service, manufacturing, distribution, technology, etc.).
  • Ownership/Management
    Owners who would welcome the right partner and, for those retiring, a strong management team.

recent private equity transactions

Capital — Private Equity

FP Partners, FirePower's Private Equity division, acquired Swift Delivery Systems

SECTOR Business & IT Services
Canada Flag
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Capital — Private Equity

The Installation Group doubles geographic footprint and gains exposure to Atlantic Canada through the acquisition of Sky-Tec.

SECTOR Media & Telecom
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what people are saying

When we were introduced to FirePower’s lending model, we had an opportunity for enormous growth but faced the capital constraints associated with making the incremental investment to pursue growth. Through their due diligence process, they gained a deep understanding of CheckSammy’s business model (reoccurring, service-based revenue). FirePower provided a financing solution that allowed us to avoid dilution and make the necessary investments to our technology and employee base to grow the business. The service from their team stood out amongst other lenders, acting with the necessary urgency to execute the deal from a signed term sheet to the disbursement of the first tranche.

SAM SCOTEN Check Sammy
Sam Scoten,Co-Founder & CEO, CheckSammy

In the rapidly changing HR industry, HIRE Technologies is redefining the future. We needed a long-term strategic partner who understood our growth goals, both organically and through acquisitions. When we needed capital flexibility to carry out our acquisition strategy, FirePower's private debt team was eager to collaborate with us throughout the process. They were extremely efficient, always available, and in constant communication with us from start to finish. They worked with us as a true partner and devised a creative financing solution that corresponded to the timing of our growth trajectory and financing requirements. Their hands-on strategic involvement and commitment to a long-term relationship enable us to maximize our deployable capital when required. As a result, we were able to move quickly and recently closed on a game-changing transaction. Furthermore, we have a long-term strategic partner who will help us expand in the future.

Simon Ambient Under 3 MB 2
Simon Dealy,CEO, HIRE Technnologies

With demand for our platform accelerating, we needed financing to fund Spark’s rapid growth, but wanted to hit a few more milestones before considering an equity raise. FirePower’s debt offering provided an effective solution, positioning the company to meet its growth objectives without the high cost of dilution.

Simeon garratt
Simeon Garratt,Co-Founder and CEO, Spark Real Estate Software

We needed to manage and prepare for the increased demand from our telecom partners and their customers, but needed to refresh our infrastructure to manage this growth, which is where FirePower’s Private Equity division came in. Since acquiring TIG in November 2019, FirePower has helped TIG gain deep actionable insights via improved reporting, automated and powered the scheduling of 100+ employees with data to improve service delivery and limit down time, and strategically guided TIG to expand our relationship with our telecom partners. We are now able to be laser focussed on the KPI’s that matter, and in the first year of our partnership we have been able to lean on, and utilize the full strength of FirePower to double our business.

R Lefebvre
Robert Lefebvre,CEO, The Installation Group

Since our launch in 2012, Sprout has become a leading workplace wellbeing platform, with a vision to become a global leader in technology-driven health and wellness solutions. Achieving our next phase of international growth required financing, and we considered several possible options, including FirePower’s private debt. The FirePower team dug in and worked to structure a non-dilutive, flexible debt offering that ultimately provided the best fit with our financing objectives.

Andrew z
Andrew Zimakas,CEO, Sprout

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