M&A advisory &
private capital under one roof.

We’ve long witnessed how owner-operated companies in Canada are short-changed in terms of access to capital and advice.

That’s why we have reimagined the way we’d like it to work.

In 2016, we became the first firm in Canada to bring together a fast-growing M&A advisory team and game‑changing private capital together under one roof, to exclusively serve promising Canadian entrepreneurs in the mid‑market.

They said it couldn’t be done. We can’t imagine why it was never done before: we now support companies throughout their lifecycle with our own capital and the right advice.

Here an example of what we can do for a company that joins our ecosystem:

Why We Exist Private Capital Mergers & Acquisitions M&A Advisory

M&A Advisory

Our M&A  professionals have directly executed on 73 deals since 2013. We advise private, owner-operated Canadian companies on their major transactional activity: mergers & acquisitions (sell- and buy-side) and growth. Our work spans most industries except for resource extraction, pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Thoughtful advice, keen market insight, bespoke but technology-driven transaction processes and a quickly-expanding network have led to our deals getting over the finish line with significantly more certainty and creativity than our competitors can point to.

In each assignment, we analyze all aspects of the business in order to provide the most informed representation possible. We then tailor an appropriate transaction strategy, be it a targeted process or broad auction. We work closely with our client to select the appropriate buyer and negotiate the full list of transaction parameters.

Our efforts complement those of our clients’ lawyers, accountants or other advisors in the preparation of the definitive agreements. We believe that when advancing a transaction, it is all in the story-telling and negotiating, and we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively navigate these challenges.


The objective of our M&A sell-side practice is to assist our clients in crystallizing the highest value for their years of sweat, blood and tears building up their business. We advise on and manage transactions in the $10 to $150 million range, and we specialize in deals involving strategic buyers, especially in cross-border contexts.

We deliver on the full spectrum of M&A transactions:

  • Sell-side (share and asset sales)
  • Divestiture of non-core assets or business units
  • Joint ventures & partnerships


The focus of our M&A buy-side advisory work is to accelerate our clients’ growth, inorganically. We help them finding, negotiating, financing and closing successful acquisitions.

Our buy-side clients are either private equity funds or private equity-backed mid-market firms, operating in fragmented industries, and having the resources to consummate one or several acquisitions. They may look for advice on a single target, or on an on-going program.

Clients look to FirePower Capital for buy-side advisory services because of our extensive M&A expertise and global reach for acquisition targets. Our involvement increases the probability of closing, as we take on the majority of the deal work: target screening and prioritization, personalized contact, information exchange, due diligence, valuation and drafting and negotiating a letter of intent.

Private Capital

Our Private Capital division specializes in Gap Debt™ and Private Credit lending, innovative debt products for fast-growing mid‑sized Canadian companies that:

  • Are seeking between $1 and $20 million
  • Don’t have access to sufficient bank financing from traditional sources
  • Look to avoid some dilution and loss of strategic control in an equity round
  • Want to postpone an equity round until valuation is more favourable
  • Prefer to manage to the bottom line in contrast to the ‘growth at all cost’ approach of venture capital firms

We move quickly, responsively, and cleverly up to the first disbursement. We’re creative and insightful afterwards, and will work through the tough times, because our management and employees are personally vested in the fund.

Our lending team has decades of experience in previous roles putting alternative debt capital to work in companies not only in Canada, but in the US and the UK, at leading lenders such as Investec, KPMG, BDC and Roynat.

Our corporate debt products are oftentimes our ‘entry’ into a company. After a few years of our involvement as a strategic source of capital for that company, our M&A Advisory team is called upon to advise on a larger transaction, such as a sale to a strategic, an IPO, or a series of acquisitions.

We will also consider private equity investments of controlling interests on an opportunity by opportunity basis.