Meet our private capital &
M&A advisory team.

The FirePower Capital team understands what keeps you up at night and what gets you up in the morning.

We’re entrepreneurs, like you, and we feel the same fire inside each and every day.
We have the creativity, experience, and commitment to help you conclude deals that simply change the course of your business.


Ilan Jacobson
Ilan Jacobson, MBA Founding Partner and CEO
Sebastien Douville
Sebastien Douville, MBA Partner and COO
Jared Kalish
Jared Kalish, Msc. Partner, Private Capital
Anthony Lipschitz
Anthony Lipschitz Partner, Private Equity
Alan Chettiar
Alan Chettiar, MBA, LLB Partner, M&A Advisory

M&A Advisory

Kenan Dizdarevic
Kenan Dizdarevic, MBA, CFA Director
Somant Maraj
Somant Maraj Vice President
Philippe Theroux Ha
Philippe Theroux Ha Vice President, Quebec
Jonathan Lehun
Jonathan Lehun Vice President
Amir Larjani
Amir Larjani Analyst
David Koleski
David Koleski Analyst
Alex Chen
Alex Chen Analyst
Jonathan Levy
Jonathan Levy Analyst
Justin Chan
Justin Chan Junior Analyst
Roshan Puniya
Roshan Puniya Junior Analyst
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh Associate Manager
Greg Morissette
Greg Morissette Analyst
Gerasimos Tsaraosis
Gerasimos Tsaraosis Analyst
Logan Coughlin-O'Brien
Logan Coughlin-O'Brien, MBA Analyst

Private Capital

Trevor Simpson
Trevor Simpson, MBA, CPA, CMA Associate Partner
Stella Millis
Stella Millis, CIRP, LIT Director
Ryan Plener
Ryan Plener, CPA, CA Associate
Tunde Agboola
Tunde Agboola, MBA, AFM Senior Analyst
Uday Sandhu
Uday Sandhu Senior Analyst
Charles Levy
Charles Levy Analyst
Matthew Oh
Matthew Oh Analyst
Alex Ha
Alex Ha Junior Analyst
Matthew Borg
Matthew Borg Junior Analyst


Cameron Vernest
Cameron Vernest, CPA Head, Origination & Partnerships
Bhavin Parmar
Bhavin Parmar Manager
Matt Kelly
Matt Kelly Manager

Michael D'Ercole
Michael D'Ercole, MBA Manager
Moritz Christ
Moritz Christ, MSc Associate Manager
Justin Gimza
Justin Gimza Associate Manager,
Growth & Special Projects
Julio Balkowski
Julio Balkowski Analyst
Tamas Deak
Tamas Deak Analyst


Severina Lutaj
Severina Lutaj Office of the CEO
Kimberly Dy
Kimberly Dy Operations & Talent Lead
Oren Horovitz
Oren Horovitz Director, Value Maximization
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson Data Scientist, Value Maximization
Derek Pirraglia
Derek Pirraglia Data Scientist, Value Maximization
Mannal Ahmed
Mannal Ahmed Data Scientist, Value Maximization
Evgeny Soloho
Evgeny Soloho Salesforce Architect, Lead Developer
Jordan Glowinsky
Jordan Glowinsky , CPA Controller
Mandy Kang
Mandy Kang Assistant Controller