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FX Impact on Cross-Border M&A

Q4 2015

Loonie losing ground against the Greenback In October 2015, the Canadian dollar (CAD) was hovering near an 11-year low against the USD driven in part… Read More

Leveraged Buyouts & Succession Planning in Canada

Q3 2015

Management Buyouts as an exit strategy Succession planning for many small- and medium-sized businesses is often a secondary thought: the Canadian Federation of Independent Business… Read More

Alberta: NDP’s effect on Canada’s oil-rich economy

Q2 2015

NDP victory: knee-jerk reaction from the market There is no ignoring the immediate impact that the New Democratic Party (NDP)’s landmark victory has had in… Read More

Canadian Mid-Market M&A Insights

Q1 2015

Supply-demand economics in sellers’ favour in the Canadian private mid-market Building on the strength of several years of an improving deal-making ecosystem, our view is… Read More

Valuation of SaaS vs. On-Premise License Software

Q4 2014

Recurring revenues dramatically drive valuations up No one would contest that investors pay more for businesses that generate recurring revenues, but nowhere is that truism… Read More

Case Studies

TFI is the largest distributor of specialty food preparation equipment and training programs in Canada, supplying over 10,000 locations. FirePower's M&A Advisory team advised management on the buy-out of existing shareholders.

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