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Bridging the “Information” Gap for Private Companies

Q4 2016

Deal-making for private companies, particularly those in the lower middle market (“LMM”) (defined as deals worth less than $100m), is notoriously opaque: few data points… Read More

Can investment banks really help raise debt?

Q3 2016

Most boutique investment banks in Canada have built their names on raising equity through the public markets for companies in the resources sector. In recent… Read More

The Rapid Transformation of Corporate Debt Products

Q2 2016

When in need of additional capital, a business can either raise equity or incur debt. While either option provides an inflow of cash, they can… Read More

M&A Super Cycle Not So Super?

Q1 2016

At first glance, 2015 was a stellar year for global M&A, with total deal values reaching a record high and EBITDA multiples touching levels not… Read More

FX Impact on Cross-Border M&A

Q4 2015

Loonie losing ground against the Greenback In October 2015, the Canadian dollar (CAD) was hovering near an 11-year low against the USD driven in part… Read More

Case Studies

LEAP Group was formed to acquire the assets of Metal Networks, an online quoting platform for metals procurement based in Austin, Texas. FirePower arranged a compelling deal structure for LEAP in this distressed situation.

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