Leadership during the COVID pandemic in the Canadian mid-market: a virtual roundtable of owners.

Market Insights - Q1 2020

COVID-19 has upended billions of people’s lives. The economic damage is already significant and far-reaching. In Canada, mid-market business owners are deeply concerned about the viability of their companies, and what they should do next.

The four lower-mid-market leaders we interviewed for this virtual roundtable agreed that resilience, transparency and empathy are the fundamental qualities of those who will successfully lead their organizations out of this pandemic. All alluded to their ability to cash in their “culture chips” with their staff and broader stakeholders, and emphasize the need to stay true to core competencies and the vision.

Specifically, they spoke of five ‘pillars’ of resilience, transparency and empathy:

  1. Lead with both heart and head
  2. Guide the entire organization through re-prioritization
  3. Move quickly and decisively
  4. Own the delivery of the hard truths
  5. Anticipate opportunities in the long run

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Case Studies

Decisive Technologies
Decisive Technologies is a value-added reseller of IT hardware, and BriteSky Technologies is a Canadian, managed cloud services provider (collectively “Decisive”). Decisive needed additional capital to accelerate its expansion plans. The shareholders were adamant that a new institutional partner should share their values and vision for the company, and FirePower was engaged to find an acquirer for a majority stake and negotiate a deal structure that met all of the shareholders’ objectives.

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