The tightest and most challenging team you'll ever be part of.

Why did we set out to assemble such a team?

To provide our clients and portfolio companies with the strength and expertise to solve their most difficult, strategic business challenges, and achieve success on their most complex transactions.

Why work at FirePower?

Because you want to be part of:


A young firm working to change the way things have been done in M&A advisory and private capital, and planning to keep at it for a long time;


A firm with leadership that recognizes employees are central to its growth, and shares its successes with them;


A close-knit team solving worthwhile challenges, where everyone enjoys what they do and who they work with.

Office & Culture

Problem solving, hustle, and going above and beyond, in an office designed to foster collaboration and teamwork.

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We're always looking for talent to join our team in Toronto and Montreal. Learn more about our open full-time positions.

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Coming from a large bank, it was easy to feel like just another number. At FirePower, no matter your position or tenure, you are always given the opportunity to defend your opinion and enhance your performance. Collaborating with partners and other team members provides an incredible learning experience. The constructive and honest feedback has been tremendous in my professional and personal growth.
Justin Gimza, Analyst, Origination
At FirePower, we're rewarded for creativity, initiative, hard work and results. The firm makes extensive use of data - everything is tracked, so it's always clear who's made things happen, which I like. Senior management can be brutally honest with their feedback. While that's sometimes hard to take, I appreciate their approach, because you always know how you're stacking up.
Mashfia Rahman, Associate Manager, Origination
We are a tight-knit team with a passion for challenging clients to exceed their goals. You won’t find bureaucracy at FirePower, an aspect of our culture encouraged by an open work space where analysts work side-by-side with partners. I particularly appreciate the opportunity to take on responsibility; value is placed on initiative, hard work, and results, not seniority.
Trevor Simpson, Director, Private Capital

Office & Culture

Whether we are advisors on a cross-border M&A deal, or a lender into a fast-expanding technology company, the issues are complex. Our culture emphasizes imagination and originality in outcomes, and our office space encourages that kind of results-driven thinking.

How does our work culture compare with other investment bank or private equity firms?

We undoubtedly work hard, but the comparisons with other investment banks and private capital firms stop there.  We don’t believe in the toxic cultural norms that pervade the industry.  We do believe that a supportive, fun and inviting office environment helps us deliver the right outcomes for our clients.

What gets you ahead at FirePower?

The short answer is hustle and going above and beyond.

When we talk about hustle, we mean persistence and resilience, and the relentless pursuit of the right investment opportunity, the right buyer, the right partners, across the firm.

Going above and beyond what’s expected of an M&A advisor, a lender or investor has enabled us to get to where we are, and we value this in all our team members.  It means pushing to deliver results for our clients further than they (or we, for that matter) thought possible, and constantly challenging ourselves to redefine what we can achieve.

Why does FirePower emphasize the use of data?

Data helps us understand what works and what doesn’t, but isn’t easily accessed in our segment of the capital markets, which is notoriously opaque from a data standpoint.  We try our best to measure everything we do, continually improve on those observations, and increase transparency and accountability for our clients.

Why do people love working at FirePower?

People love working here because of the quality and integrity of their colleagues, the challenging and diverse problems they work on, the passion and dynamism that permeates the firm, and the growth ahead.

Our work environment reflects a commitment to fostering an inclusive space, where everyone feels valued, respected and supported.

Opportunity is knocking. Are you answering?

The FirePower Capital team understands what keeps you up at night and what gets you up in the morning.

We have offices in Toronto and Montreal. Open full-time positions are on our jobs site.

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Definitely not your average "go get coffee for the partners" internship

Are you a university student or recent grad, looking to gain M&A advisory or private capital experience in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment?  At FirePower, you'll be as involved as you're willing to be.

We have offices in Toronto and Montreal. Internship positions are on our jobs site.

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