Our mission is to be the first resource business
owners turn to in the most important times.

We are the M&A advisory and private capital firm built for Canada’s entrepreneurs. We help their mid-market businesses complete mission-critical transactions.

We’ve been reimagining the way deals get done in Canada since 2013. Today, we’re one of the largest and fastest-growing independent firms that invest and advise the nation’s private, owner-operated firms.


Message from our Partners

We started FirePower Capital with the vision to become the go-to resource for Canadian entrepreneurs when they must make transformative deals happen.

What do we mean by transformative deals? Transactions that will completely change the trajectory of a business, such as buying a competitor, raising fresh growth capital or selling off a majority stake.

Making transformative deals happen of course requires a solid company and management, but also access to smart capital and seasoned advice.

We set out to bring together the last two ingredients—capital and advice—for the first time in Canada for private, owner-operated companies. They have been underserviced for too long. No other firm exclusively advises and invests its own capital as we do in that space.

Since 2012, we’ve brought together a diverse and dynamic team of deal-makers, investors, marketers, pioneers, engineers, and developers to fundamentally alter the strategic landscape for Canadian entrepreneurs.

We are determined to win in this space – a sector no-one else thinks is feasible to grow a successful M&A advisory firm or a substantial portfolio of investments.

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the team behind FirePower Capital. These are the people who will continue to disrupt the ways deals get done in Canada with their results-driven attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and confidence to shout “we can do this better.”

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We wouldn’t be new school
without being analytics-obsessed

We believe technology can smooth out the complex transactions that we invest in or advise on. Relationships and people are at the core of them, but technology can make it all easier.

That’s why we’ve built our divisions as if they were software firms, creating market-leading processes, databases, efficiencies and transparency in the process. We developed a proprietary platform, which allows us to track, monitor and optimize every step of a deal, from origination and project management to investment monitoring and collection. We continuously learn about and improve our approach to deal-making. We are willing to do things differently, not do things the way they’ve always been done.

We partnered with Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud CRM platform, and developed over 200,000 lines of proprietary code.


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Our Partners

Ilan Jacobson
Ilan Jacobson, MBA Founding Partner and CEO
Sebastien Douville
Sebastien Douville, MBA Partner and COO
Jared Kalish
Jared Kalish, Msc. Partner, Private Capital
Anthony Lipschitz
Anthony Lipschitz Partner, Private Equity
Alan Chettiar
Alan Chettiar, MBA, LLB Partner, M&A Advisory
Trevor Simpson
Trevor Simpson, MBA, CPA Associate Partner, Private Debt
Cameron Vernest
Cameron Vernest, MBA, CPA, CMA Associate Partner, Origination & Partnerships