Building Business Value: Transitioning of Business panel to include CEO, Ilan Jacobson

At FirePower, we understand the business transition process.  Having closed 55 transactions since 2013, we’ve got deep experience when it comes to maximizing value and avoiding pitfalls along the path to an exit.  If you’ve got an exit on your horizon, join our CEO, Ilan Jacobson, on March 26 in Toronto, as he shares insights gained from his hands-on experience as an entrepreneur and advisor.  He’ll be speaking alongside a panel of experts  at the Transitioning of Businesses breakfast workshop, organized by TEC Canada Chairs Brian Brennan, Dick Peters and Bill Zacharak.  You’ll find more information and registration details here.

Case Studies

FirePower was engaged to prepare PrintFleet for a a sale, and guide the company through to closing. Weeks before closing, the buyer with whom PrintFleet signed an LOI following a competitive auction, a Japanese Fortune 500 company, terminated the deal because of an internal reorganization. FirePower re-ignited conversations with a US strategic who had done well in the auction, and closed without any major challenges at an attractive price, terms and conditions.

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Market Insights
From the archives: September 2019

The Path to Exit and Beyond: Entrepreneurs' Stories, Part II
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