Bhavin Parmar Promoted to Associate, Origination

We’re pleased to announce that Bhavin Parmar has been promoted from Senior Analyst to Associate, Origination.  As our CEO, Ilan Jacobson, puts it, “Bhavin is a classic example of how hard work, perseverance and caring pay off”.  His outstanding track record reflects the lengths he’ll go to make personal, meaningful connections with Canadian entrepreneurs. And his attitude to success – “success is what you inspire others to do” – shows up every day in the impact he has on his colleagues here at FirePower.

Case Studies

Last Call Analytics
Last Call Analytics has developed a frontline sales analytics and visualization platform for the beverage and alcohol industry. FirePower invested Gap Debt as a way to bridge them to a Series-A financing.

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Market Insights
From the archives: July 2019

The Path to Exit and Beyond: Entrepreneurs' Stories, Part I
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