SalesForce publishes a case study on FirePower as a thought leader in investment banking!

We are a technology-and process-driven company.

Our view is that investment banking is ripe for disruption – how deals get done is in many ways stuck in the past, and this is while most other industries (many of which investment bankers are advising!) have embraced change.

If you have worked with us, or know us personally, you would most likely assume that we’d be at the forefront of that wave of disruption. And you’d be right: we have invested heavily in our own deal technology and databases, with SalesForce at the core of it all. With over 100,000 lines of proprietary code in SalesForce and proprietary integrations with multiple third-party tools, the way we get deals done is unlike anyone else in our space.

SalesForce took notice. Not bad, given they are the world’s most recognized name in customer relationship management software and have a $59bn market cap. They contacted us to prepare a case study on how our customizations to their platforms and have allowed us to set ourselves apart . You can read it by clicking here!

Case Studies (“F12”), a leading Canadian Managed Service Provider (MSP), was executing on a highly successful acquisition strategy. The FirePower team built a comprehensive target list and crafted a story emphasizing F12’s amazing corporate culture.  Of the potential targets, Apps on Tap represented an exciting synergistic addition for F12. With FirePower’s support, F12 acquired Apps on Tap in May, 2018.

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