In today’s knowledge-based economy, more often than not, fast-growing companies have limited tangible assets on their balance sheets, even if they generate healthy cash flows. In Canada, they have long been frustrated with the lack of financing options available to them, or that those options come up short in terms of creativity and alignment with their strategy.

Without the right capital to fuel their growth, many of those companies simply choose to grow more slowly utilizing internal cashflows or financing from friends & family, which usually leads to lost opportunities and increases the risk of competitors catching up.

Gap DebtTM

FirePower’s Private Capital division is a specialist Gap Debt lender to fast-growing companies that have limited tangible assets on their balance sheets.

We directly invest in and partner with them, by structuring creative debt solutions to help them achieve their growth objectives.

Capital Advisory

We assist our clients in sourcing and structuring the appropriate type of non-dilutive financing.

Typical transaction sizes range from $1 to $30 million.