Message from the CEO

I started FirePower Capital with a single thought in mind: give lower mid-market companies access to the same level of sophisticated transactional advice that is only available to larger companies; reason is, investment banks in Canada do not “scale down” from headline-grabbing deals.

As a team we have created a next-generation investment bank specifically for lower mid-market companies. Since 2012, we have brought together a diverse and dynamic team of deal-makers, marketers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and developers to execute on the vision.

We have challenged the ways investment banks traditionally do deals: for example, we have created a cross-functional team in which experts fulfill a specific component of each deal; we have written new software that has allowed us to advance multiple deals simultaneously without sacrificing attention to detail; we have built new, active networks that connect Canadian businesses with relevant buyers, investors, and lenders worldwide.

We are determined to win in the lower mid-market, where no-one thinks it is feasible to grow a successful investment bank. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the team behind FirePower Capital. These are the people who will continue to disrupt the ways deals get done in Canada with their results-driven attitude, entrepreneurial spirit, and confidence to say “we can do this better”.

Ilan Jacobson
Founder and CEO