We’re not your typical investor or advisor.

We’re entrepreneurs, too. We’re pushing the envelope, doing things differently in a world that defaults to the way things have always been done before.

We are the first firm to bring together an investment bank and private capital under one roof. Exclusively for Canadian owner-operators. Like us. Like you.

Our team has deep experience in deal-making and investing. We work exclusively for private, owner-operated companies in Canada. That's where the action is, and where passion lives.

We get deals done creatively, with a fresh perspective, and we won’t quit until we get them closed. We’re in this with you for the long-term.

We leverage global networks and proprietary analytics to identify opportunities others miss. Technology helps make us sharp and quick to react.

Recent Transactions

Apeiron Software
Last Call Analytics
Fuller Industrial
Novaflow Systems Inc
Baam Productions
Rhyno Equity Group
Eucan Distribution Inc.
TheRedPin Inc
TFI Food Equipment Solutions
InsightAction Inc.
CSR Cosmetic Solutions
Applied Comfort Products Inc.
LEAP Group Inc.
FLO Partners Inc.
All Test International Inc

Thinking of Selling your Business?

You’ve given your business everything you have. Your purpose. Your passion. Your every waking minute. Our Investment Banking team invests the same amount of energy into getting you the deal you deserve.

Ready to Grow your Business?

The path forward is clear, but capital isn’t keeping pace. So our Direct Investing team launched our ground-breaking Gap Debt™ fund. Our Investment Banking team stands ready to help you in all other situations.

The FirePower Mission

Since 2012, we’ve brought together a spectacular team of deal‑makers, investors, marketers, pioneers, engineers, and developers to fundamentally alter the strategic and financial landscape for Canadian entrepreneurs. Read More